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Questions about audiology

I hope I'm not intruding, but I figured it would be great to get current students or audiologists to help answer my questions. Thanks in advance! :)

I'm currently working in the corporate world and even though my job pays very well, I can't see myself staying in the corporate environment for the next 35 years so I'm considering healthcare careers.

I was considering Speech-Language Pathology but after shadowing an SLP yesterday, I'm not sure if it's for mine. I was in a private pediatric office and I'm just not sure I could keep up the energy level to do 7 hours worth of therapy with kids, some of which are cognitively low. I think I might enjoy the medical aspect of Audiology more versus the therapy aspect of SLP. That said, here are my questions:

1. Is there any similarity between an audiologist and hospital-based SLP in terms of getting to do medical related stuff?
2. Is it difficult to find jobs with an Au.D?
3. How competitive is admission into a clinical audiology program? I graduated with a very low (below 3.0 GPA) in a science major from a super-competitive Ivy. I do plan on doing post-bac work to help raise my GPA. I'm kind of worried about this because I know that most audiology programs are pretty small.
4. Is it possible to work while going to school? I'm guessing it's fairly difficult but as a non-traditional student, I do have some bills that need to get paid, like my mortgage.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions! I really appreciate it.
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